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Finally got them! :D

Finally got them! :D

Cilan. I swear, when I was was watching the new Pokemon series, my “gaydar” was beeping around him like crazy. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Cilan. I swear, when I was was watching the new Pokemon series, my “gaydar” was beeping around him like crazy. Am I the only one who thinks so?



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My all time favorite games

Pokemon Sapphire

That was the very last Pokemon game I ever learned to love. Although I also have the later games, I’ve never completed them, not even half way. I lost interest with Pokemon after the third generation, it just didn’t feel the same anymore, especially the series. This was actually the only Pokemon game I completed. When I visited the very first season of Pokemon, I cried, I’m a lot sentimental now than I was back then. The episodes were very well written and brought us close and personal towards the characters.

Mario Power Tennis

This is the game that got me interested with Tennis. It was really easy to play and I liked how it was made very simple. My favorite characters were the Koopa Turtles, they were hella cute and I like how they were like the under dogs of the game. I always beat my brother hehehe.

Super Smash Bros.

I became very addicted to this game when I first played it on a Nintendo64. I was really amazed when I could play as Pikachu and control him however I wanted to unlike in the Pokemon games where you were limited to four moves. The characters were really interesting as well as the stages. I think it was the first game that made me become very competitive. I shat bricks when Super Smash Bros. Melee came out, my parents bought my brother and I Game Cube that came with it for Christmas, wasn’t expecting that. We played till we unlocked all the characters. Then there was Brawl, the moves and the controls were a little different but I got used to it. My favorite characters has always been Pikachu!

Pikmin & Pikmin2

DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THEY’RE COMING UP WITH A PIKMIN 3? I swear I’m dying for it to come out or to even be thought of because this is my all time most favorite game. When I first played the game, no one could take me away from it. I guess games that let you control a big army is my kind of thing, the little Pikmin dudes were CUTE AS FUCK and hella BAD ASS, enough said. I treated them as children and I would sacrifice one day of hunting items just to reproduce them and make thousands. In Pikmin 2, I was so obsessed with keeping them up in numbers that I never let anyone of them die. When they do, I start the day all over same goes with caves. I learned how not to let them die and it rarely ever happened. I liked attacking the enemies when they’re not looking, especially when I use the purple Pikmin, they’re the best, plus it’s one of my favorite colors.

Mario Kart & Mario Kart: Double Dash

Mario Kart was the very first game that I got into when I moved back here in the US. My white uncle let me have his Nintendo64 and I would play Mario Kart for hours on end. It was the very first “thnk fast” game I ever played and it’s what sparked my interest in video games. When my parents surprised my brother and I with Mario Kart: Double Dash for Christmas, I literally screamed and went crazy, I think I even ran outside the house. That day when we went to church, all I could think about was the game and wanted to go home so bad. My favorite characters were the Koopa Turtles, Baby Mario & Luigi, Mario, and Yoshi. What made this game different from all my favorites is that there are all kinds of combinations of characters and karts you can pick from. It’s my favorite game I enjoy pwning my brother with, I make him cry, I’m a little too competitive. I got really pissed off when the new game came out and it was no longer double dash. I WAS LIKE “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?” It felt like it downgraded, the controls sucked as well. But whatever, Mario Kart Double Dash was the best.


Jessie Releases Dustox

Omfg that gif… I had to find the video so here it is. One of the reasons why I love Pokemon.