Dream at night, lose it all by day

Before I knew I was gay…

Warning! TMI! Read at your own risk! ^__^” This is just a post I wrote for myself so I can laugh when I look back at it a long time from now. In the end, you might just think this post was stupid and a waste of time so I suggest you just scroll on by…

I think it was about five or four years ago when I thought I was straight, I was a very confused person back then. When I was bored and alone at home, I happened to discover…

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Cilan. I swear, when I was was watching the new Pokemon series, my “gaydar” was beeping around him like crazy. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Cilan. I swear, when I was was watching the new Pokemon series, my “gaydar” was beeping around him like crazy. Am I the only one who thinks so?


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That awkward moment when relatives tease me about having a secret girlfriend when they don’t even know I’m gay…


See a cute guy, go to his Tumblr page, notice it’s all filled with half naked girls… *sigh* let down.


"Are you going out with her?"

I remember back then in middle school when people would always ask me this question just because I always hung out with my girl best friend. I thought that was kind of immature, why can’t I just hang out with her without being asked that question. It literally reached the point where my friend and I really got annoyed because it kept going around and it even came out to some people as something real. People can be really immature, and rumors are just impossible to deal with.

If I had known back then that I was gay, I would’ve straight up told people. That rumor would’ve died in an instant and I’d be like “Yeah, what now?”


The gay world is very scandalous

Let’s all be honest and accept the fact that it’s true :/


Checking out girls

  • Me: That girl is so pretty, she's got nice thighs and a nice butt.
  • Michelle: I thought you were gay?
  • Me: That doesn't mean I want to do them...

I can back up park pretty straight for a gay guy


Soooo close…

So today, I hung out with my friend Arleen at my house. We took a nap on my bed because we were really tired from eating and walking today lol. My mom was a little suspicious because she never met her before and she didn’t like how it was just the two of us in my room and it was like night time (my mom is traditional). She got my brother to call me out of my room so she can talk to me about it and I gave her a “WTF!?” look and I told her “What are you thinking?” I just couldn’t believe what we were talking about, she’s either very traditional or doesn’t have a clue that I don’t like girls that way. I was soooo close to just tell her straight up that I’m gay, on the spot, I was just disgusted by what she was thinking and I thought that would be a good way for me to just come out to her.

Before I drove home Arleen, we stopped by CVS so I can buy myself something. Then I thought “Fuck… my parents are gonna wonder why it took a while…” but then I thought it would be a perfect chance for me to just come out to them. I really wasn’t kidding, if they did give me the talk when I got home, I would’ve just spilled. Seriously, my mind was just urging to tell them.

I’m desperate to come out to them, it’s so hard. By now, I thought they already knew, apparently not. Ugh… tradition can suck my ass, “I’m gay, maaah…”

  • Me: He says he's bisexual...
  • Friend: They still exist?
  • Me: Haha, I know right?
Good morning :]

Good morning :]

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I’m concerned how Tumblr really connects gay Asian guys…

Just take a look at mutual friends on their Facebooks. Now imagine if they all lived close to each other; there would drama and things you’ll never want to know… I do not want to get involved…


Guys should be strong

I may not be straight, but I was raised to believe that guys should be tough. Whether gay, straight, or bi, they should always be the strong ones in the society and take care of themselves and the women. Not to be sexist, but looking back at basics, it’s the guys who are built to be strong and women shouldn’t have to fill up the shoes they can’t fit. Being gay doesn’t give me the excuse to let a woman do a job that a guy should do, it’s just straight up wrong to me. Whatever orientation a guy is, they need to man up, be a gentleman and help a woman in any situation.