Dream at night, lose it all by day

I can’t wait to start work!

Being a college kid makes me feel lazy because there’s so much time and nothing much to do. I know work doesn’t demand much physical effort, but hey, it gets me moving and I’m desperate to get my ass off my chair being on the laptop at home all the time. There’s more to life than just Tumblr! Damn, I gained weight after I graduated from high school. Freakin’ freshman 15!  >:(


Oh summer body of mine…

Why’d you have to leave me? Better yet, I should ask myself why did I started getting lazy and ate so much junk and not care. I hate/love food, the holidays are gonna kill me.

-goes back to working out-


Too lazy to put on clothes

Every night, I take a shower so it feels good to sleep fresh. The problem though is that I go straight to Tumblr and I get too lazy to get up and put on some clothes even though I’ve been dry for over an hour, I have a towel on though. Hmm… who needs clothes anyways? I really want to sleep naked by I share my room with my brother -___-


I used up all the fucks I can give for this semester, now give me summer.


My cousin’s lazy ass

Me: Nick, why don’t you help? It’s your baby shower.
Nick: It’s your nephew…

Study break!

Study break!