Dream at night, lose it all by day
That was my first time. I mean, I’d been with girls, but who counts that?
Language Lessons (gay romance) by Jay Bell

I’m not much of a reader

I was getting ready to go to my old house for a couple days. It doesn’t have internet so I downloaded The Hunger Games novel on my iPhone in the Nook app. I also looked at the iBooks store and thought of downloading some gay stories to keep me entertained in case I get bored of the Hunger Games. I’m not much of a reader but I was really looking forward to finally becoming one. I swear, there was not one book that I didn’t skip pages, even chapters on. I even read books without understanding crap. All because of school. But I have to say, I’m really into both of the books. People weren’t lying when they said the Hunger Games novel was a lot better than the movie, I was a little disappointed how much detail the movie left off. The gay novel though was so good. It was called “Language Lessons” by Jay Bell. I’m such a sap for romance stuff and the book was definitely for me and I would suggest it for others too. I actually finished it just yesterday and I downloaded another book by Jay Bell, “Something Like Summer,” not to mention it goes along with the season right now. I can proudly say I’m a reader now. Or at least somewhat haha.