Dream at night, lose it all by day
That was my first time. I mean, I’d been with girls, but who counts that?
Language Lessons (gay romance) by Jay Bell

I’m not much of a reader

I was getting ready to go to my old house for a couple days. It doesn’t have internet so I downloaded The Hunger Games novel on my iPhone in the Nook app. I also looked at the iBooks store and thought of downloading some gay stories to keep me entertained in case I get bored of the Hunger Games. I’m not much of a reader but I was really looking forward to finally becoming one. I swear, there was not one book that I didn’t skip pages, even chapters on. I even read books without understanding crap. All because of school. But I have to say, I’m really into both of the books. People weren’t lying when they said the Hunger Games novel was a lot better than the movie, I was a little disappointed how much detail the movie left off. The gay novel though was so good. It was called “Language Lessons” by Jay Bell. I’m such a sap for romance stuff and the book was definitely for me and I would suggest it for others too. I actually finished it just yesterday and I downloaded another book by Jay Bell, “Something Like Summer,” not to mention it goes along with the season right now. I can proudly say I’m a reader now. Or at least somewhat haha.



In the past, I used to be a very promiscuous guy. For many people, they’d probably call me a slut, whore or whatever. I didn’t give a shit. I call it having the time of my life. As long as it’s fun and not hurting other people, I didn’t see anything wrong in that. I would also suggest the same for others. It’s a lot of thrill flirting with other people and it allows you to explore yourself both in sexuality and personality. It was a great time of my life, honestly.

However, as time progressed and I grew up, I found myself being deeply in love with a guy and before I could grasp into the idea of it, I was in a relationship. When I was with him, the idea of sex had completely changed in my mind. Back then, I kept sex and emotions completely separate. But after my time with him, which really meant a lot to me, I’ve completely changed. I no longer needed to keep sex and emotions separate. That time, I let them swirl together in my mind like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I got to taste the pleasure of having both. And never again will I settle for less.

I still remember it like a dream. I was dropping him off to his house after a friend’s birthday party. Our emotions were strong and we didn’t quite want to say good bye yet. We parked at a somewhat safe location and cuddled in the back of my car. It was cold that night but our bodies kept each other nice and warm. Him on top of me and my arms around him in embrace. No intention for sex at all, just being with each other was all we wanted. Our eyes locked on to each other and I could see him clearly despite us being in the dark. Silence fills the atmosphere until all we could hear is each other’s soothing breath and our hearts pounding as his chest rested safely on mine. Everything about that moment with him was perfect. All the emotions were just where they wanted to be.

What’s funny is that I never want to say we had sex. Rather, I would say we made love. The moment we had together was perfect and I could keep it that way forever. But as soon as he pressed his lips slowly against mine, I was blinded by love and passion and lost all control of myself. I never felt anything so strong before. It felt like my body had a mind of it’s own and my mind overflowed with euphoria and ecstasy. I surrendered myself to him, the only person I dedicated myself to, and the only person who could come into my heart. That night I swear I’ll never forget when I looked up at him as he dominated over my body and all I could see was the passion in his eyes and the moonlight glistening down on our shoulders. We stopped for a brief moment and said “I love you,” and carried on till the very end.

They say orgasm is the best part of making love. But that moment under the moonlight was my climax and I’ll never forget it.