Dream at night, lose it all by day

Wanna eat a little healthier?

Veggie patties are just as good as meat patties. Mmm veggie burgers x]


New Year’s Resolution

I know every year it fails but this time I’m picking out things that I will be able to do… it still sounds typical but it’s practical for my standards.

So when the new year comes, I’m gonna become vegetarian for six months BUT only if my parents will allow it. I gave up meat and rice for Lent this year and my parents were concerned how I was losing weight and that I may have been lacking nutrition. I’m sure I took good care of myself though, Filipinos just don’t really like the idea of being “skinny”, my parents say it looks pitiful, which I can disagree. I took nutrition class so I have a good idea of how I can keep my nutrition in balance. I really didn’t have any problem with giving up meat and rice last Lent, I dedicated myself to Jesus which gave me strength and it was the first successful Lent I’ve ever had. So I thought if I was able to do it, I’ll do it again. I just hope my parents don’t stop me and force me to eat meat, rice, and fatten up. It felt really good to be healthy.

Sandwich thins with avocado mixed with milk, sooo good! (Taken with instagram)

Sandwich thins with avocado mixed with milk, sooo good! (Taken with instagram)



I haven’t eaten meat since the new year started just like I promised but right now I’m hella craving for spam. There’s no spam anywhere in the house yet I can smell it, I swear it’s calling me. The best I can make right now is a veggie sandwich/burger, which is only “satisfying enough” but I have myself a big ass appetite. I’m just glad this whole vegetarian diet is working out and I don’t get tempted easily. I really hated seeing those four pieces of vienna sausage go to waste yesterday while I was washing dishes. Dammit, my family depends on me to eat the left over, I would’ve happily devoured those sausages.

So this morning I tried making something new by eating cereals with my chocolate protein shake. It was okay but it’s not something I’d want to make again lol, maybe it’s because the shake wasn’t cold.

This guy… I was suppose to go on a sushi date/hang out with him but he cancelled on me, this is like the fifth time? I don’t even know him so why should I care so much? I only care because I miss sushi and I need something to satisfy my appetite other than meat. Ugh, whatever. I’m gonna go try to invent something in the kitchen now, it’s not easy for me to satisfy my stomach while trying to be a vegetarian/pescitarian.

I’m thinking of eating fish fillet with some seaweed.

-stomach growls-



I was at a vegan restaurant with my friends and while I was walking back to my table from the restroom my friends noticed me looking at people from side to side. I was just intrigued by how healthier they look and how they have more energy compared to people in other restaurants. Healthy people are sexy! Thank goodness I started a vegetarian diet!


Korean BBQ tomorrow!

It’s been a while since my family and I ate out, I miss it a lot and I’m willing to break my vegetarian diet just for tomorrow. Besides, I think it’s a great way to reward myself because I’m fasting for 12 hours starting tonight for my doctor’s appointment at the lab tomorrow. It’s been so long since I’ve had a doctor’s check up and I’m actually excited, I just want to get that good feeling of being told that I’m healthy and perfectly fine, I really hope I am. I hope my stomach doesn’t completely reject all the meat I’m about to eat tomorrow. 


Vegetarian diet paid off!

I had a doctor’s appointment today to review my blood test results. I thought it would just be normal but he said that it was better than normal and that I should keep doing what I’m doing. I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging or anything, I’m just extremely happy and relieved with the results, GAH!! I was so close to giving up my vegetarian diet because I thought I wasn’t getting enough protein or iron but the doctor said I should keep up what I’m doing now so I’ll stick with it!

At the same time I feel like I made my parents proud and that I’m being a good role model for them. They both have high blood pressure and they recently started changing their diet to help relieve it. Ever since I started my vegetarian diet, they kind of followed me and I felt so good with the impact that I had on them. I pray for their health and well being.


Healthy food

I eat it because it’s healthy even though it may not be as appetizing to others, I’ve grown pretty accustomed to it. At work I always make a veggie pita, it’s may sound plain but I add hummus, shawarma sauce and sometimes tzatziki to add some flavors. Ever since I got really good blood test results from the doctor, I’ve been obsessed with keeping it up despite the fact that most people see vegetarians as the underdogs in the dating world.

Made myself a #healthy #dinner for tonight. Can I get some #husband points for this?😁 #tofu #tomato #basil #pita #broccoli #carrots #food #sriracha #vegetarian #vegetables #cooking #asian

Made myself a #healthy #dinner for tonight. Can I get some #husband points for this?😁 #tofu #tomato #basil #pita #broccoli #carrots #food #sriracha #vegetarian #vegetables #cooking #asian